trust fall

It was still dark, but close to 7 o’clock when I got a call from the dreaded automated substitute calling machine thingy. It was a Tuesday and the job was for the rest of the week. I’d never worked multiple consecutive days in one room and on top of that, it was for a school I’d never even been in before. I was still debating on whether I would take it or not when I accidentally accepted. Of course it would have been stupid not to, but I am very good at justifying the feeling of terror that lives at the bottom of my stomach. I also realize the silliness of being afraid of the very thing that I hope to do for the rest of my life. I continue to apply for a permanent teaching position in my area of certification, but that uneasy feeling returns every time I sign up to walk blindly into a situation that warrants me to be suddenly responsible for 100 kids I’ve never met before.

So after I silently freaked out for 2-3 minutes, I put on my big girl pants and went to work.

Long story short, I had an awesome week. In fact, it has led to some amazing opportunities that would not have been possible without making that leap of faith (follow up post to come). It also confirmed that I have a great connection with teaching 8th grade (follow up post to come). I learned names and faces very quickly (follow up post to come) and even proudly issued my first detention (follow up post to come)! We read The Giver that week and I headed up Music Club. I’ll write the follow up post about the whole thing but today’s point is simple……


image  Or, don’t be a frickin wuss.


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