let’s talk about desks baby

In my last post, I mentioned the messy imagedesk. Don’t worry, I won’t judge you for being messy and I won’t judge you for being a germaphobe. I know how extremely difficult it is to have 100 students, extracurricular and club stuff, your own teaching materials, a comupter and supplies, a 3’x4′ area of space for it all, and no time to keep it neat and tidy. This particular teacher had two desks. This is the one adjacent to the main desk….


I didn’t clean it because I didn’t want to bother her things or get anything out of its place. And this is how I like to leave a desk when I leave for the day. This is the first thing the teacher will see when he or she returns. I leave my notes right on top, leave any extra copies, and I separate anything the students turn in if the classroom teacher does not already have trays for that.

These are the two desks next to each other. Lol. image

So here’s my little bonus confession. I always open the top drawer (at least) and check it out. Not sure why. I guess it’s like opening someone’s medicine cabinet except its a lot less telling 🙂


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