I used to write poetry regularly
Sculpting with words and the ways that they felt in your ears
Rolling off tongues oh so playfully
Tropes and conventions became commonplace enemies
I maxed out my idioms, spent all my similes
Someday I’ll find my way back into poetry

I’m doing something I feel very uncomfortable doing! NaPoWriMo means National Poetry Writing Month and there is a challenge floating around to write a new poem every day in April. I didn’t discover it until the 7th, but I decided to dive in and try anyway. Let me clarify, I’m not particularly afraid of writing poetry (even though it has been many, many years since I’ve even tried), but of course I’m afraid to share it with the internet! Since I’m trying out a ton of new things this year, I might as well do this too. My next poem should be about bravery. maybe that’s my 2015 resolution.

Several of my “pieces” are from prompts that I have assigned to my 6th graders such as an exaggeration/hyperbole poem, limerick, and three haikus. The others are from more adult prompts that I have found on the internet. Let’s see if you can pick which ones are which haha

day 7) exaggeration.
My skin burns red hot. Like a million dessert Suns!
I feel like I’ve been cooking with a dozen hot cross buns.
Jalepenos raining down on me, habanero to the touch
I could swim in a pool of aloe Vera but it wouldn’t be enough!
I’m red like a lobster in tomato sauce or a cherry red clown’s nose
I wish an apple red fire truck would come over here and spray me with the hose
I’d be cool like a cucumber, nice as ice, a freezing, frosty cube
Icy as frostbite in a snowstorm…. Ok maybe this sunburn will do.

day 8) ghost.
She sits in the corner. All day. She roams at night. Always. She likes to drag her fingertip across the wall while the family sleeps. She sighs. Cool breath trails behind. She kneels down by your side. You’re still, at peace in sleep. She lays her cheek against your chest. Praying she could be with you again. She sits in the corner. All day.

day 9) #darksparkler
Fizzle, sizzle out. Sparkle fade, halo dim. The last popping crackles tatter softly and softer still. Stillness settles dusty in the deep cracks of her painted skin. A papery shell. Devoid of joy and all the glamor of before. The party ended quickly when they saw her on the floor.

day 11) sin seven
Lust. a dark, powerful, and delicious desire
An uncontrollable feeling considered to be sin
The need sometimes becomes stronger than breathing
Muscles and fingers move independent of thought
Blood heats up fevered skin sweat beading
Heart beating sound pounding short little breaths
Lust is a sin that I want

day 12) sin six
Jealousy. depressed discontent, a dark envy
Self-centered desire wanting more and more
Happiness hopelessly buried
underneath the objects
The universe fits in your hand
But it can never be enough

day 13) haiku trio
I’m going to write
A trio of great haikus
It will be so tight

Just wait until you
Hear my awesome haikus they
Will totes blow your mind

Almost to the end
Ran out of syllables for
My haiku trio

day 14) (unfinished)
Gravel belly grind and a leaky nostril sniff
Snort a ray of sunshine breathe the life you want to live
God is in the details
The devil’s in the walls
One is a monster in my brain
When I am feeling small

15) limerick
I’m really stressed out by the students who don’t have their stuff
They say they need time but I certainly gave them enough!
Your excuses stunk
So my class you will flunk
And to that, well I simply say, “tough!”


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