survival kit

I don’t fancy myself a great sales person or spokeswoman, which is kind of funny considering I made a living for 8 years working in retail. I couldn’t sell ice to an eskimo, but I could highly recommend this 31 utility bag for all of your toting needs. The first time I saw one, I couldn’t imagine a single use for all those pockets and thought they’d go empty and unnecessary, much like the cargo pants of yore. I didn’t even buy one for myself. I got it for a birthday and I have no idea who it came from. It sat in my closet for many months. When I started coaching cheerleading, I pulled it out and dusted it off and it served me well. I kept a binder with all my papers and lists, carried my sneakers, some prowrap, some pens, and a first aid kit. When I started my long term sub job, I emptied it out and perfected the science of filling the empty spaces. Aside from the layout, I also love the durability. It’s not flimsy at all and can take a beating. I took it to rainy and snowy football games where it sat in pools of water. It’s not waterproof, but it’s really easy to clean. I think I could sell a 31 bag to an eskimo.

This is my pretty bag with everything inside.


this shows my lunch bag, which doesn’t match, but who wants that? also, my binder which is my life. It holds all of my lesson plans, master copies, lists, important notes, etc. I could do a post on it, it’s so awesome and organized into protector sheets.


The amazing exploded view. There are 3 pockets on one side, 2 on the other, and 1 on either end.


I regularly carry
my binder (above)
my lunch bag with lunch goodies
my phone (the cheeseburger)
hand sanitizer (hanitizer)
icebreakers duo raspberry mints
a nail file (it so came in handy this week!)
lotion (a gift from one of my cheerleaders, so nice)
body spray (just in case?)
my wallet (it goes inside the main bag)
keys (snap onto one of the straps with a carabiner)
a book (ayn rand is pictured, but I’ve been reading Malala)
and most importantly
a bottle of aleve

my sweet husby bought me a bag of cough drops that I’ve needed to carry recently
tangerine EOS lip balm
fashiony sun glasses

What goes in your survival kit?


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