study hall catch 22 


Oh I’m sorry. Was I yelling? 

The little buggers have plenty of work to do, papers to write, and hundreds of books to choose from to read. But of course they don’t do it! Would you? I like to think that I could get some solid work done while simultaneously enjoying a healthy amount of goofing off. But these kids just can’t handle it. 

They have 4 core classes (math, English, science, social studies), 2 related arts classes (library, gym, band, or chorus), developmental guidance or careers (like a life skills course), and enrichment (usually a study hall, sometimes curriculum is involved. I guess it’s a place for extra practice. I guess it depends on the teacher). I realize this is a lot for a middle school student. That is why the study hall (“enrichment”) is offered. If it was an 8th official class, parents would think we were over working the kids, yet as long as the study hall is offered, the students goof off and still complain of having too much homework and not enough time to do it. 

I think I would have loved to have a study hall in high school, partly for time to do my homework (let’s face it, the excuses are sometimes legit. Being in a sport or club after school gets you home in time for dinner, a shower, and bed) and partly for socializing and finding innocent ways to flirt with my crush so subtly that he leaves the class with no idea that I exist. I can handle it why can’t they! 



5 thoughts on “study hall catch 22 

  1. Is your study hall graded? We have to give grades, so I require my students to produce at least one thing every week. This keeps them on task a little (let me emphasize little) better.


    1. In this “class,” the students receive an “s” for satisfactory or a “u” for unsatisfactory. Other teachers do have a better handle on issuing assignments during this time, and I think I’d plan that out the next time I have a full year of study hall. I love letting them have the time to do their homework at school, with many capable helpers readily available, but I do wish they would use their time more wisely! Oh, there’s only so much we can do right?


      1. Yes. I usually give my assignments on Friday since students don’t have homework to do. I prefer them to do their actual hw during that time as well. My students also know that if I’ve given an assignment and they have work from another teacher, they can tell me and do that work instead and I’ll give them an extension on mine. They like that, and it’s made kids do extra credit work for core classes when they don’t want to do my study hall assignment but don’t have regular hw.


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