IMG_8052One year ago, I was completing my student teaching and earning my masters degree in education (rockin’ a BFA in fine arts) while working as a part time substitute teacher, part time retail employee, part time craft seller, full time wife and mother of two. You go girl! Today, I am 30 years old, I coach cheerleading at a ridiculously small Catholic school and I am certified to teach English in 5th-12th grade, but I haven’t found a full time teaching job just yet. I pick up sub jobs when they come my way and I feel a little bit like a piece of plastic being tossed about in a choppy sea, just like Katy Perry said I would. I’m still married to B and we are still raising two little girls, Lulu in 2nd grade and Gigi in Kindergarten, and loving our cats Freddie Mercury and Mr. Meowgi. So in other words, living the dream.

Believe it or not, every teacher you’ve ever had also had a life (whaaaaaaaattttt??!!). In addition to mom, wife, and employee, I live for art, design, literature, and down and dirty rock and roll. I’m tattooed, pierced, Asian, fashionable, Christian, bit of a foodie, slight theater geek, kind of a hippie, etc. etc. I could go on, but I think I’ll reveal a lot about myself along the way. Join me on the journey!



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    1. Wow thank you! I appreciate it so much. Actually, I’m just happy you liked my post. ABF is like any other legendary ninja move- it takes many years to master ^_^


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